July 21, 2011

The Well-Stocked Bar

It's hot here... way too hot in my opinion. Over the years we have relied on drinks of old to cool us down. We used to be the proverbial porch drinkers with an occasional evening on the stoop.  Back then, in the heat of summer, you could find us sipping on what we affectionately called the daiquiris of death  - served in a large bourbon snifter.

Source myrecipes via Paula via Pinterest

Or a Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic... occasionally served in a mason jar. I have since been banned from making them... in mason jars.

Source squaremeal.co.uk via Paula via Pinterest

We love mojitos around mid-afternoon while on vacation - perfect for quenching ones thirst after snorkeling all day. Lately, we have tried out some new recipes. The Don Q muddled and frozen strawberry mojitos have been a frequent favorite. Refreshing and delightful; perfect for cooling down when the temps are nearing triple-digits.

Source Don Q via Paula via Pinterest

Frozen variation of Don Q mojito

Adult milkshakes are another treat around here. I usually blend whatever ice cream we have on hand with one scoop of Christopher Elbow Dark Venezuelan  ice cream, Skyy Vodka and a splash of milk. Yummy!!!

My concoction via Paula

The Cuba Libre is another staple on scorching evenings. Simple and delicious.

Source Don Q via Paula via Pinterest

Might be time to venture over to the house of booze, aka Lukas Liquors, to replenish our supplies... or switch gears entirely and make sangria! 

Source http://yellowsongbird.blogspot.com via Paula via Pinterest


July 8, 2011

I might need a Baconista!

To say I love bacon may be a bit of an understatement. I would be a vegetarian if it weren’t for this wonderfully crispy cured meat. Mmmm… My mouth is watering at the thought of baked bacon right now; with eggs, on a BLT, salad, or a hamburger. You name it and I usually love bacon with it. 

Pinterest has not been helping with my lust for bacon lately, and has been supplying me with way too many bacon recipes and inspiration. Hello food porn!

It is such a rare treat when we eat bacon in our house – the relatively health conscious part of my brain knows it’s not the best option for daily consumption – and well, I also don’t want the smell to linger in the oven for too long. Yes, I bake my bacon. 

The monkeys were ecstatic when they woke to me cooking a breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa, bacon and pancakes before dashing off to work.
(I don’t like to cook. Ever. Especially before the daily jolt of caffeine kicks in.)

This is what they devoured.
I didn't exactly follow the recipe and opted instead to pour Krusteaz Buttermilk Pancake mix over the already baked bacon.

The monkeys were happy and stuffed, and their hands were not as greasy as they could have been. Bacon pancakes=pancake napkins. Yes, folks, this was a winner in our house. I am kicking myself for only recently discovering the power of blending pancakes and bacon into one yummy concoction.

Next on the list to try: Bacon, Egg, and Toast Cups.

Yep, bacon makes just about everything better; however, I draw the line at bacon infused vodka or bacon ice cream.


All images via http://pinterest.com/lethe1998/