August 25, 2011

Tree Hotels

Growing up, I was often jealous of Brother Bear and Sister Bear; they lived in the coolest tree house on the block. I wasn't too interested in the lessons they were teaching, but rather, I was focused on recreating my own version of their home.

My interpretation failed miserably and usually consisted of a blanket, pillow and book on the highest branch I could sleep on. Sadly, I no longer climb trees to read or take naps.

I was beyond thrilled when I stumbled upon The Treehotel located in Northern Sweden. This is the perfect getaway for those who want something fun and quirky in the midst of nature. Quiet and serene, this is an ideal place to relax after a day of hiking or  fly fishing. The Bird's Nest may be my favorite - you can pull the stairs up via a remote and be all alone suspended amongst the trees. Perfect!

The Bird's Nest

The Cabin

The Mirrorcube

The Mirrorcube

The Blue Cone

With views like that, I could definitely spend a day, or week, napping and reading in one of those amazing tree houses.

Finally, a  tree of one's own - ha!


  1. Great pics! Thanks for providing so much beauty :)

  2. I've always wanted to a tree house too!!! Looks so tranquil, doesn't it?

  3. wow this is sooo cool! what a fun getaway!
    xo dana

  4. that's amazing! The mirrorcube is awesome, I think I'd struugle finding it tho!