September 14, 2011

Home Libraries

Little Green Notebook via Paula via Pinterest

I love a beautifully styled bookcase and can appreciate the time and effort that went into adorning its shelves.
Everyone seems to organize their own book collection based on a personal preference. The librarians I work with would cringe if they saw my bookshelves... no Library of Congress, Dewey Decimal, or even color system used in this house. (No, I am not a librarian.) Upon further inspection, I realized the absurdity of how I organized  parts of my collection into classes I had taken: Medieval Art, Medieval French Literature, Chaucer, 17th-19th century literature, reference books, and the rest are haphazardly placed on shelves. You get the point...

I have always considered bookcases to be a functional piece of furniture.  Functional, simply because we have a lot of books... so many that an entire hall closet has been devoted to storing boxes of kids books until I get additional bookcases for them. (Thank goodness we have three hall closets.)

Interior Design via Paula via Pinterest

What I really want is a home library that I can hide in for hours on end reading in my Eames lounger. Until then, I can dream of spending time in these home libraries...

Frederic Mechiche's flat via Paula via Pinterest
Lonny Magazine via Paula via Pinterest
New York magazine via Habitually Chic via Paula via Pinterest

HGTV via Paula via Pinterest

The last two are my favorites!

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